Why Orion IP?

At Orion IP, we prioritize your needs above all else.

That is our commitment to you.

Why Choose Orion IP


1. Understanding Your Needs
You are in safe hands with Orion IP, in every literal sense. We understand all your Intellectual Property needs, and it is through this in-depth understanding and experience we will deliver robust and comprehensive protection for your technology, brand and design.
2. Helping You Understand

We will help you better understand what is Intellectual Property and the Intellectual Property Rights by laying it out to you in simplified and bite-size terms. We have often been complimented by our clients who said that they have never understood IP so well before.

3. Providing Practical Solutions

In a world that’s ever changing, protecting your Intellectual Property is becoming more and more complex. Orion IP not only helps you understand what your needs are, we also offer insights and practical considerations to your business situations. Hence devising the best possible Intellectual Property strategies that are aligned to your business goals.

4. Maximizing Your Potential & Increasing Your Value

Whether it is obtaining a strong patent for your invention or assisting you in protecting your trademark, Orion IP will always strive to achieve the optimum results for you using our creativity, skills and tenacity.

5. Quality Services at Competitive Rates

Customer intimacy is how Orion IP provides great value for our services. Being a specialized boutique Intellectual Property firm, we are nimble and cost effective. Our service standard revolves around the act of understanding, first by understanding your Intellectual Property needs and then helping you understand it too by breaking it down back to you. With Orion IP, you can be assured of an intimate and rewarding experience.

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